Apples to Oranges

I have a 3D printer. You have a 3D printer. But if I give you a .STL file that I've printed, we're probably going to get different results.


Because the beautiful thing about 3D printing is that you can adjust every...single...setting to your liking.

That's also it's curse.

So I've come up with a routine that I send people through when they want to get better results from their 3D printers.


The limits of one

WATCH THIS FIRST! It's my troubleshooting methodology that I use in every 3D printing test that I do.

Coming Soon.JPG

Basic extrusion

How do you know you're extruding the right amount of plastic? I'll explain what I do for EVERY new roll of filament I use. Also, thoughts on using spaghetti for calibration.

Coming Soon.JPG

1st layer settings

I've seen a lot of ugly first layers in my day. And I know what it takes to turn 'em into beauties. Give this a look-see to fix your 1st layers.



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